About Us

8THDAY MULTI-MEDIA is a non-profit company dedicated to producing quality Family and Faith Multi-media experiences. Radio, TV, Print, Internet, Movies and Live events. Our content is always to help, inform, inspire, and entertain. INETV8 is our internet location where all of our current programming can be viewed via the internet. It is also the place where you can find information on cable outlets that also carry our programming. On this site you will also find links to books, ebooks social media etc.

8THDAY MULTI-MEDIA also assists independent producers, artists, and up and coming talented individuals as well as companies to reach achieve their goals and dreams. Our task and mission is to help and not hinder to be a bridge and not a dead end. We realize that by helping others we are also helping ourselves. Please visit our Home page and donate today help us help others as well as provide quality Family and Faith programs. LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT EIGHTH DAY !!!